Why Healthy Horse

Marian Nilsen

Rider, Trainer, Owner of Healthy Horse Boutique

" I just want owners to have a place they can go to get advice they can trust. HHB about helping horse lovers free up time and $$$ and creating healthy horses so that we can all go to the barn and do what we love...ENJOY our horse." 

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Q: Marian you have become a familiar face. Some recognize you as a rider or trainer others associate you with Healthy Horse Boutique. Who is Marian Nilsen?

MN: I am someone who has spent a lifetime loving & caring for horses. Horses are my passion. I believe there is a hidden jewel in every horse. And I have found some great ways to bring the best out in horses. I also believe every owner wants to do the same. So when I found things that worked I wanted to share. Healthy Horse Boutique is a result of me sharing. Sometimes as owners we spend more time worrying than riding. I just try to make it easier for owners to care for their horses so they can spend more time enjoying their horses.


Q: What is Healthy Horse Boutique?

A: It’s a Health Food Store for Horses.


Q: What lead you to create a health food store for horses?

MN: I was the girl who did so much for her horses I never quite knew or understood what was actually working and what wasn’t. My horses seemed fine but I couldn’t tell you why. However I could rattle off a list of “stuff” I did. Than one day a naturopath took me under her wing. She taught me how to take everything back to basics. As a result my horses bloomed! I got it!


Q: Got what?

MN:  Feed and supplement in a way that supports my horses so I can prevent a lot of health and training problems. 


Q: How is this a health food store for horses?

MN: I learned how much of what I fed my horses was over processed. My horses bodies where very busy processing their processed food and supplements! I also learned to find feed and supplements without chemicals, fillers & sugars wasn’t easy. To make it harder I also wanted them organic and NON GMO. And the big one... they needed to WORK!

So once I found the basics and saw the results I needed to let everyone know. Finally there is a 1 stop shop for owners looking for products that do what they say they will without the use of harsh or harmful ingredients.


Q: What are the standards you use to choose products? 

MN: I need to know the product works and I need to trust the manufacturer. I have a deep love for horses and respect for the owners hard earned income. If I cannot look that horse and owner in the eye and tell them it works, than I will not sell it.


Because Healthy Horse Boutique is the only health food store for horses, I am approached by many manufacturers looking for a place to sell their products. There’s a lot of stuff out there making claims but they don’t deliver results. I do the legwork of weeding out those products so my customer doesn’t have to. I know all my manufactures personally and know they are always willing to go the extra mile to help my customer.


Q: On your web site you also have “performance,” fashion, grooming and something cute called Lotions & Potions. 

MN: It just seemed silly to make all these healthy choices than start grooming with chemicals, so I added grooming supplies


Performance is for horses and people. I have products for athletes. Everything from an energy drink (NRG) for people looking for more endurance, mental focus and stamina (without caffeine or sugar so we can sleep!), to products to help muscle growth and for when we overdo it.


I created Lotions & Potions to fill a void. Horsey Lip Balm can be used to replace petroleum. The Rider Butter I made for myself. Sometimes I tweak my neck or back stacking hay or packing my horse trailer. This releases muscle tension and relaxes the mind. 

Q: How do you balance your riding and teaching, with running your Healthy Horse Boutique and also maintaining a life outside the horses?


MN: They all intertwine, the riding, the teaching, and the traveling with HHB.  To teach well, I need to ride well; to ride well I need to be healthy and so do the horses.  It is all one for me.  So, my Healthy Horse Boutique carries products to keep everyone healthy. Riding and spending time with my horses is my favorite part of life so I need us all to be in great health. 


As for maintaining a life outside the horses, this is a learned skill. I finally realize I teach, train and do business better with a clear head.  I love the mountains and living in Colorado allows me quick easy access to all the activities I enjoy. Nothing like a few hours of skiing to put things back into perspective!



Q: Any final comments?


MN: Building a health food store for horses is a big task but I am constantly reminded of the importance of this. I have spent a lifetime earning the trust of not only local horse enthusiasts but several of the industry’s top riders.

I just want owners to have a place they can go to get advice they can trust. It’s about freeing up time and money and creating healthy horses so that we can all go to the barn and do what we love...ENJOY our horse.


I invite everyone to share with me on facebook (www.facebook.com/healthyhorse). This is where I post specials or visit the web site (www.healthyhorseboutique.com), where I share all my favorite products.