The Ryan Buckle

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The Ryan Belt

Dress up your jeans!


For all you Canadian lovers, this is the buckle to own.  Designed from a vintage rendition of the Canadian Flag! Bright reds are nicely contrasted against a soft white background. Buckle is covered with scratch resistant resin for durability and long wear.  Each buckle is handcrafted meticulously to ensure a beautiful glass-like finish and long lasting quality. 

BELTS purchased separately

Belt straps are made from the higehest quality leather.  As such they are gorgeous, soft, and crafted to last. Belt and buckles can be easily paired.

Please choose size and color to go with your selected buckle:
Measuring 1 1/2" wide, select Small, Medium and Large.
Small: Total length of 40 inches with the center hole at 34"
Medium - Total length is 44" with a center hole at 36"
Large - Total length is 46" with the center hole at 39"


 Cinnamon, Black, or Brown with Buttons