Speedi-Beet - 44 lb

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45.00 LBS
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Speedi-Beet - 44 lb
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95% Sugar free beet pulp
Easy keepers
Healthy digestive tract

Excellent Fiber Source

  • Quick and convenient - No waste
  • Unmolassed - 95 % SUGAR FREE Non GM
  • Ideal fiber source for horses prone to laminitis 

A Laminitis Trust Approved feed

  • Improved Nutrient Availability. Unique Processing allows release of nutrients prior to hind gut fermentation
  • Extremely palatable. Excellent top dressing
  • Excellent complementary feedstuff to hard feed
  • Excellent source of pectins, betaine and non-structural glucose
  • Optimizes energy release rate

Rapid re-hydration for endurance and performance horses

Speedi-Beet is a unique combination of HIGH digestible fiber, LOW starch and sugars and INCREASED Palatability and flavor created during the MICRONIZING process.

MICRONIZING is a cooking process using infra red rays producing rapid heating which rupture the cell walls of the flake leading to increased food conversion efficiency and improved fiber digestibility.

Speedi-Beet® is the revolutionary unmollassed sugar beet product which can be prepared and ready to use in under 10 minutes, while other sugar beet products can take 24 hours to soak prior to use. It is convenient and advantageous for horse owners because it enables them to prepare the beet alongside their other feeds rather than having to plan long in advance.

Less expensive per serving compared to regular beet pulp shreds! For further technical information please go to www.britishhorsefeeds.com

For more technical information, visit www.britishhorsefeeds.com.

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*Delivery available Front Range, CO.  Call 970-309-4223 details or email hhboutique@gmail.com Minimum order required.