MRM Matrix Canine

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MRM Matrix (for Pets)
Health Recovery


The perfect choice for your pet in need. This powerful blend of 4 medicinal mushroom species – Cordyceps, Reishi Antrodia and King Trumpet - is formulated as an Alternative & Complementary therapeutic agent to provide natural support for critical health conditions. MRM Matrix has a diverse array of bioactive beta glucans to stimulate the immune system, as well as high levels of antioxidants, including L-ergothioneine.

Potent, Powerful, Effective ~ Maximum Recovery Matrix
  • A solution for pets in various states of trauma, recovery and rehabilitation
  • Proven to promote the repair and healing of tissue, tendons and bone
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory works for both acute and chronic situations
  • Shown to be effective in management of auto-immune disorders
  • Significantly aids pets that have increasing mobility issues