Horsey Lip Balm

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As devoted horse LOVERS we are always looking for ways to pamper our equine partners. HEALTHY HORSE Boutique wants it to be easier for you to protect your horses sensitive mouths and lips without the use of harsh chemicals like petroleum. Scent and petroleum free. Flower essences blended to help sooth and relax your mind and body so you can feel confident.



ALL organic blend of MANGO BUTTER , ALMOND OIL & FLOWER ESSENCES. To soften the lips and prevent rubs.  Horsey Lip Balm is an oil which is packaged as a 4 ounce roll on.



Put in the corners of your horses mouth to help prevent bit rubs and pinches. Flower essences are added to help your horse’s  ability to remain confident & focused. Especially good during a stressful situation.