G.I. Matrix

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GI Matrix - Promote Digestive Balance


GI Matrix Contains uniquely structured fungal dietary fibers that serve as a pre-biotic platform to support the balance of normal intestinal flora. This fiber also has the additional potential to absorb foreign pathogens, toxins and damaging free radicals. Over 87% of performance horses suffer from some form of gastro intestinal problems and related diseases such as colic and ulcers. Mal-absorption of essential vitamins and minerals can lead to anemia – a condition that limits the essential oxygen carrying red blood cells.

• Contains soluble fiber, enzymes and factors to maintain a healthy digestive tract
• Supports digestion and absorption
• Supports proper balance of normal intestinal flora
• Supports colon and gut health
• May reduce the possibility of digestive colic
• Antimicrobial properties


Contains proprietary, performance-tested strains of the following Certified Organically Grown Mushrooms: Trametes versicolor (Turkey Tail), Pleurotus eryngii (King Trumpet), Agaricus blazei, Cordyceps militaris and Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi). Contains no added excipients, fillers or preservatives.

100% Organic • Gluten Free • Whole Food Product • Vegan • All Natural


All matrix products naturally contain:

  • Over 35 Naturally Chelated Minerals for Maximum Absorption
  • More than 12 Natural Highly Bio-Available Vitamins for Overall Health and Well Being
  • Over 19 Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids
  • Unique, Powerful and Potent Antioxidants to Reduce the Damage from Free-Radicals
  • Assists in Reducing Inflammation Due to Injury
  • Source of Natural Vegetarian Glucosamine and Natural Essential Fatty Acids
  • Provides Digestive Enzymes, Dietary Fiber and Pre-Biotics for Improved Digestive Health
  • Superior Immune Modulation through Complex Biochemistry including polyphenols and beta glucans


Directions for Use:

Administer orally. Can be given during or after meal time. Safe to administer on a daily, on-going basis.

  • Maintenance Dosage: 10 grams (1 scoop to line) one time per day
  • Loading Dosage: If horse is not already receiving Matrix products, an initial loading dosage of 10 grams (1 scoop to line) two times per day for 7-10 days is recommended.